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things have gotten so much better over the past month. i love people who make things amazing. and i like the word amazing a lot too.

Its weird to not have my mom here everyday and to have her just show up every couple weeks. I thought things would be a lot worse when she left and it was just me and my dad but we just don't talk to each other so its turning out a lot better than I thought.

I stayed home from school today because my mom came over and I was running late anyways. But I'm glad I did cause apparently everyone else did too. Except Jesska. And I know she missed me in Ms Sowinskiimgayalwayswearaskirt & Marsh's classes.

Work is getting better too...kinda sorta. Me & Nicole are supposed to go look for new jobs soon though.

okkk anyways now im just really bored and I have nothing to do and no one can really do anything cause everyone stayed home so im really bored and I feel like watching a movie. im bored. the end. :)
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