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I haven't really been through Livejournal in a while. It's weird. I like Livejournal. It helps me remember things.

School. I hate it. Mr. Cwayna is a douchebag and I swear to god he's on steroids.. I did good on my short story for Mr. Nethercott though, which I am proud of. E2020 will be over in like 2 months, which is good because I really fucking hate it. Oh well.

Work. Not hating it as much as I used to, but I have a feeling that's about to change. Kayla quit, and I don't know how that's gonna work out, just have to wait and see. I still want to get away from there asap though, but it's kinda hard with everything else I have going on.

People. Everyone in the world should be dead, except some people. I hate the feeling of wanting someone you can't have. I swear it's the worst thing ever. Dumb boys. I love Rhiannon, and how she writes about me in creative writing. I miss Beth, I haven't seen her in so long. I miss Rachel a lot too. I miss Nikki in Business Math, because it's just not the same without her. But I guess me & Jake get by, hah.

I really would like to go shopping now.
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