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I never write in this thing anymore.

I got my nose pierced and I'm in love with it.

I really want a tattoo but I am way too scared.

Finals are tomorrow!!! I got an A+ on my French Verbal Final. And my English presentation wasn't too bad either.

I stopped working at Forever 21, which sucks cause I really liked it. I want to go back in the summer but idk. Gotta work at wherever makes me more money.

I love my friends to death, but I also want some new ones.
Speaking of friends, Rachel is coming home on the 18th and she is one person I really intend to see asap. I miss her so much. And the Keropi book, I miss that too.

Speaking of friends again, I want to re-connect with some old friends. Particularly Kaitlyn. I miss us being close, and shes fun. And one or two others.

I have to work in a half hour so I'm gonna go get ready.

Oh yeah and the most embarrassing moment of my existence happened yesterday. One day when I am over the humiliation, I'll tell the person it pertains to about it.
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