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Life. Is. Good.

Aside from E2020 starting up again soon, everything is going so good lately. Work is good, schools a new semester so that should be good. People, in general, are good.

Yesterday Mr Marshall told me I got extra credit on my crim j paper because it was so good and he just kept asking questions and complimenting it and that just made my day cause I worked so hard on that paper and I thought it wasn't very good to begin with.

Today I bombed my English final which is the only down point.

I went to Ricks work the other day and he practically ran away when he saw me. So I get all these weird looks from the people he works with that I could definitely do without. I understand if he doesnt want to be friends, but really, we could at least be civil.

But I'm trying to not let certain people get to me and ruin my good week. :)

And then theres the other people who are just making life wonderful. They know who they are. <3 I love them.

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