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Pictures. Today was the last day of midterms. Amazingly easy. :)
I took some pictures.

I am going to miss Business Math with these two dorks.

They make my 5th hour worthwhile.

Especially this girl who I will never talk to again.

After school we went to mcdonalds to get my not so amazing paycheck

Rhiannon loves this picture.

Sex in catys car.

then we tried to get rhiannon on the roof of my house

using a bicycle and some thing we found in a shed in my backyard

needless to say we were successful

she humped the chimney

she took pictures from the roof. she was the fiddler on my roof.

then we went for a walk and sat around and played dumb games til beth and caty had to go.

after a while me and rhiannon just layed on the couch and had a really nice long talk about our futures and people and shit. and it was fun i enjoyed it cause were gay like that and youre jealous.

I like days like today.

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