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woo new classes tomorrow.

1- ap psych
2- bus math
3- english
4- science & media
5- creative writing
6- sociology

and i think ive got C lunch with caty & i dunno who else.
and i have 4 classes with rhiannon.
and i dont know whos all in my other classes except that pretty much every person in the fucking world is in my ap psych class. that is gonna be like the emily and all her friends class.

i really love the blood brothers. i am in such a good mood. cept i miss my mom.

being around him makes me so happy. i feel dumb. but i cant help it, he makes me smile.

i dont know if me and jesska have any classes together so how will i bring us coffee in the morning if there is no more walking around together before 1st hour.

i am so glad to be out of astronomy. <3

ok the end.
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