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Today was a bad day. Just one of those days where all the small things add up to just make it a bad day.

Yesterday I had a conversation with someone I havent talked to in a long time and it was ok I guess, except that they said something, not bad or anything, but it made me see something from a different perspective and now that I see this thing from a different perspective I wish I was dead. Im pissed at how incredibly stupid I was and am still being. I feel really bad about it and Im mad that I could be stupid enough to fall for this shit.

Then earlier today I spoke with someone who I also havent talked to in a while but who I really miss a lot, and they made me feel like shit too. But it sucks cause I cant blame them, theyre right and being nice. But it still sucks.

And losing two of your closest friends sucks.
And wanting someone you cant have and should be over sucks.
And when youre stupid idiot blonde boss tells you to stop saying "sucks", sucks.
And Ms Cuncich & Mr Cwyana, they suck too.

But Caty & Rhiannon rock. And Jesska.
&& my favorite song ever.

oh well things will get better eventually.
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