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So I like to post in my lj when I'm really happy so that when I am not so happy I can remind myself that things will get better.

Im pretty pleased with life right now....

I have one summer class lined up so that shouldnt be too much stress. I like school despite how much I hate going.

Work is good - A lot of the people I work with at my new store have really warmed up to me and are treating me good. My boss is finally treating me like I know what I'm doing, and I think my closings and ability to run shifts on my own is really improving.

Im happy with all my friends - though I still have the feeling that I want to hang out with new people. I havent seen Danielle or Beth or Jessica a lot lately and thats really making me sad. Rhiannon however is making me so happy, it seems like she likes Steve and is beginning to change and Im really seeing things out of her that I wouldnt have expected a year ago so Im really happy whenever it comes to her. Shes an excellent best friend and I swear to god I wouldnt trade her for the world. She means so much to me!

Another thing making me so happy is Steve. Im so glad I transferred and met him - hes great. I feel like this is how things are supposed to be for someone my age and it almost like hes my first real, real boyfriend even though hes not. I dont see any signs of anything going wrong in the near future like with other people. I love being around him so much and hes so funny. Hes a dork but I love it, and hes not the type i would usually fall for which just goes to show you cant really discount and forget about people that arent your set type. He treats me so well and I just love everything thats going on. :) Almost a month <3

One thing I need to work on though - saving money for a new car!! I had a bunch saved up and then I had to spend a lot to fix some more things on my car, and I got Rhiannon and Steve and my mom somewhat expensive birthday presents then I paid for my summer class which I really didnt have to do but I wanted to and Ive been doing some shopping, so I gotta watch myself.

Anyways - for myself in the future - things are good.
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